Automated Equipment Testing

Pump Test Bench

I built a suite of software that performed different kinds of automated tests on equipment.

We built and sold ESPs as well as the motors, drives, seals, and sensors to go along with them. When you're selling $100k+ hunks of metal customers expect you to provide detailed performance and acceptance testing for each piece of equipment.

I inherited a few Django and PyQt codebases and added a few of my own to upgrade how we test equipment and add test suites for new types of equipment. These were very interesting, lots of moving pieces, heavy machinery, high-speed data acquisition, and the potential for life threatening situations...


I learned a lot about fluid dynamics, simulating hardware, designing for safety, and arguing about vague specifications.

Client Stack:
Python 2.7, PyQt4, PyQwt
Server Stack:
Python 3.4, Django, DRF