LD42 Entry - Is There Enough Space

The theme here was "running out of space". I spent about 8 hours on this guy I think. It didn't come out great, and placed 707th overall. Though 359th in "innovation", so that's something!


You are drawing a map one section at a time and once you finish a section you can't change it. You need to design your map sections to fulfill the "desires" of your world as shown in the top right.

Eventually you run out of space, no more sections to fill in, but the desires keep rising, eventually you lose. I wanted to make the player feel a real sense of running out of space, out of time.


Graphically I went for a very minimalist approach and everything is defined in code, the only binary asset (other than Godot itself) is the icon.

Controls I also kept simple, you just click to paint, change colors, submit a section, and choose a blank section. The only other controls are R to reset, H to hide the bars, and G to play the end animation if you want.

You can play it in your browser at the itch.io link below.

itch.io page
ludum dare page
github page