Industrial Manufacturing Kiosks

Seal Assembly Kiosk On Workbench

I built a system to help organize and track manufacturing work in several facilities across North/South America and the Middle East.

Technicians would scan a barcode and the system would lay out the bill of materials, the work steps to build the equipment, and generate links to lots of documentation and resources. It would also track work progress and feed it into a kind of "pizza tracker" for sales and customer service so that they could instantly see the state of any process anywhere.

There was also a system for pairing RFID tags that could be used for tracking high value assets around the facility.

The system took what had been a paper-only shop and transformed it into a connected and fairly futuristic factory. At least futuristic for the industry. Here's an old demo video I made after the kiosks had been installed for awhile but before I'd ported the UI from Qt widgets to QML. In 2019 there were ~180 machines installed in ~20 facilities around the world.

Client Stack:
Python 3.4, PyQt5, QML, SQLAlchemy
Server Stack:
Python 3.4, Django, DRF, React
Touchscreen All-In-Ones great for minimizing cables in the shop
Hotswappable ~8hr powerpacks for some installations.
Cheap Barcode Scanners
Cheap RFID Readers
Wireless Backpacks and Basestations for Callipers
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B's for little camera servers