Non-Public Selectors In Payload

A classic error, one of the greats. If you're developing an iOS application and overnight you start getting these warnings when you upload to App Store Connect then you know my pain.

It's an easy fix, today (2022-09-15) you just need to downgrade your Xcode version from 14 back to 13. Xcode 14 released just yesterday and it has changed a few things, a lot of libraries and frameworks will be frantically (or lazily) updating over the next few weeks to accommodate it.

In my case I am using Qt 6, and somewhere in the bowels it seems to be triggering this warning:

The app references non-public selectors in Payload/[my app]: redo:, undo:
Take warning with a grain of salt, as soon as I try to submit the app to an external test group in TestFlight it flags it as an Invalid Binary, which is very cool and nice.

Here are detailed instructions if you need em!

And you're done, eventually it'll be safe to upgrade to the latest Xcode version, maybe in a month I'll try it out. But don't be surprised if it happens again! It's been happening regularly since like, Xcode 6. But the time gap is large enough I will forget and then spend hours panicking when it happens again. Hopefully writing this out will help me remember next time!