2013 Seattle Trip

In 2013 I went on a one-man road trip from Rogers, AR to Seattle, WA and back.

It took 11 days of solid driving, and I wasn't able to spend too much time anywhere, but I managed to see some beautiful parts of the American West!

Mount Rushmore, Mount Moran, Grand Teton, Giant Redwoods, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Pacific Ocean, The Grand Canyon, and all kinds of other weird, interesting, and beautiful things.

Those photos are from a picture journal I kept of each day. I may not have captured everything, but I got all the boring stuff at least!

Day 1

On day one I went from Rogers, Arkansas to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Album

170 Miles To Sioux Falls

Day 2

Day two started in Sioux Falls, trekked across South Dakota to Mount Rushmore, and ended in Casper, Wyoming. Album

Mount Rushmore

Day 3

Day three took me across Wyoming, into the Grand Teton National Park, and ended in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Album

Grand Tetons and Jenny Lake

Day 4

Not a lot to see in day four, but I made my way to Walla Walla, Washington. Album

Wine Sign and Greenery

Day 5

From Walla Walla I just had to drive four hours to get to Seattle. I spent the afternoon in Seattle and took a tour of the Red Hook brewery. Album

Red Hook Brewery

Day 6

Day six was wet. A short wet trip from Seattle, Washington to Eugene, Oregon. Album

Rainy Highway in Oregon

Day 7

On day seven I took the longest drive of the trip, from Eugene, Oregon all the way to Santa Cruz, California. This trip took me through beautiful redwoods, along the Northern California coastline, and across the Golden Gate Bridge. Album

Pacific Ocean at Crescent City, CA Golden Gate Bridge At Sunset

Day 8

On day eight I traveled along Highway 1, one of the most beautiful drives I've ever taken, from Santa Cruz, down to just north of LA, and then back west to Barstow, California. Album

Santa Cruz Southern California Beaches

Day 9

This day I travelled across the Mojave Desert towards Flagstaff, Arizona. I stopped at what I understand to be the largest dry cave in North America and then watched the sunset over the Grand Canyon. Album

Grand Canyon Caverns Grand Canyon

Day 10

I crossed from Flagstaff all the way to Amarillo, Texas on day ten. Not a lot to see, just all of New Mexico. Album

Day 11

Finally on day eleven I only have a couple pictures on the short trip from Amarillo over into Oklahoma, my home state. I finished the day back in Rogers, Arkansas and took a long nap. Album