Archiving Mister Carbon Business Stories

Around 2006 I found and read basically every thing posted on a website called, created by Robin Allen.

Eventually he deleted most of his stories and now it's just a collection of his video game projects, which are also worth checking out!

I'm not sure if he would like these being up or not, but I enjoyed them so much that I can't bear to have them disappear forever so I've archived them here for anyone to enjoy and share.

The tales of Mister Carbon Business are set in a loosely connected and very surreal world, but mostly follow the adventures of the titular character and his associates.

They mostly consist of weird wordplay and pointed misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Almost like a kind of fever dream journal.

Numbers 3 and 12-19 are not missing, and elevel is not a typo, that is just how it is.

Also, the numbers are not out of order, again, that is just how it is.